A Plan that Points You in the Right Direction

At True North Investment Partners, we are dedicated to guiding you on your financial journey. As fiduciaries to our clients, our mission is to provide you with a plan driven by your goals and supported by a thoughtful strategy, exceptional service, and valuable insights, helping to ensure you reach the destination you envision.


Finding ways to keep you moving forward.

We provide a unique, proactive approach to your investments, utilizing both Tactical and Traditional strategies. If we feel it’s prudent, we may move money out of the market to help minimize losses and move it back when the market improves. While we do not predict, we do follow the momentum of the market. We cannot prevent losses, but through our strategies we seek to minimize them and, over time, pursue consistent performance.

We monitor the markets closely and evaluate our investments weekly, keeping you informed and meeting with you often. Our goal is to prudently grow your investments so that you may achieve your financial dreams and arrive safely at your destination.